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Photographer Bob Redding has been shooting professionally for more than 30 years. On most days, the Corpus Christi, Texas local is shooting for clients in the industrial, fabrication, energy, and construction fields. But most recently, his passion has been basketball.

Redding’s coffee table book, Home Court, is a collection of 102 black and white images depicting creative, homemade interpretations of a basket and backboard - much like the original peach baskets created by Dr. James Naismith, the inventor of basketball.

The idea for Home Court actually came from a fellow artist stating a book project could be started in one’s own backyard and not in an exotic location. Redding took note of several homes in his neighborhood with homemade baskets, seeing them as art.

Ultimately, 2,000 images were shot over the course of eight years, and Home Court was edited down to 102 duotones. More than half the shots are from Texas, but others are taken in Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and California. Regardless of location, each of the images was snapped from the street in Redding’s van in the public domain.

“Some images scream ‘Hey, let’s play some basketball. Let’s set something up.’ There’s one with a mom’s flower basket that I know the kids just went
and tossed the flower out on the living room floor,
grabbed the basket and said, ‘Let’s go nail this thing up.’ ”
—Bob Redding, Home Court Creator

Redding wanted to be environmentally friendly when producing the book. Recycled chipboard covers the book, blending with many of the photographs that used recycled items like old milk crates, buckets, and baskets. Uncoated stock is used inside, a classic flat retro shoe string bounds the entire project, and soy-based ink was also used.

A portion of the proceeds of all book sales are given back to the YMCA, the birthplace of basketball. Home Court offers book fundraising opportunities for non-profit organizations to earn much needed funds for programs, equipment, supplies, or uniforms. Click here for Fundraising Opportunites >