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Take your best shot!
Tell us your basketball story or submit photos of a homemade basket or goal … or both. Home Court II is looking for entries to be included in a second edition filled with personal memories and images from you, our readers, and fellow basketball lovers.

Home Court II Rules:

  • Submit a story or a photo, or both, by August 1, 2009.
  • Stories should be a personal basketball memory. Stories can be submitted in type, e-mail, or handwritten form, and can be submitted via e-mail or mailed.
  • Professional or amateur black and white or color photographs should be of homemade basketball baskets or backboards.
  • Photos will be accepted in digital, slide, or copy format if you have a family heirloom that you don’t want part with. Please do not trespass or disturb other people’s property. Proper images must be shot in the public domain.
  • Stories and photos will be considered for inclusion in Home Court II based on creativity and emotional content.
  • Multiple, different submissions are allowed by a single person.
  • Submissions selected to be included in Home Court II will receive a book.

Please fill out the below form or send your entry to:
Tip-Off Publishing, 1115 Antelope Street, Corpus Christi, Texas 78401

Your Story:

Disclaimer: Story or photo submission will be considered as a release for possible usage in Home Court II. Stories and photos become property of Tip-Off Publishing and potential future editions.